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How does the deposit work?.
A deposit is required to secure your reservation. The deposit is 25% of the rent and the tax.  The deposit or part of your deposit becomes your security deposit and is returned within one week of your departure date as long as everything is OK with the rental.  For certain types of groups the security deposits that may exceed 25% of the rent and tax..
How far are you from Cedar Point?
The best way to get to Cedar Point from Put-in-Bay is to take Miller Boat Line back to the mainland and then drive to Cedar Point.  The boat ride is 18 minutes and the drive is about 20 minutes.
Do I need advance reservations for the ferryboats?
No reservations are required on the ferryboats unless you are taking a car over to Middle Bass Island from the Catawba dock.   If you are renting on Middle Bass Island and taking a car, call Miller Boat Line at 1-800-500-2421.
Do I need my car on the Island?
No, there are plenty of cabs on Put-in-Bay to take you to your destination for around $3 per passenger.  You can also rent golf carts and bikes on Put-in-Bay.  If you do want to bring your car, Middle Boat Line is the only ferryboat that carries automobiles.
Do your houses have a minimum stay?
There is a 2 night minimum on weekends and midweeks may require a 2-5 day minimum depending on the house you are renting..
How far in advance should I make lodging reservations?
As soon as possible.  Lodging fills up quickly.
What is your cancellation policy?
 Cancellations occurring more than 90 days before the arrival date will be charged 10% of the rental amount (minimum $50), 46-90 days 20% of the rental amount (minimum $100). If the cancellation occurs 45 days or less before the arrival date the customer will forfeit their deposit or 25% of the rent amount, whichever is greater (minimum $250). The remainder of the rent will be refunded ONLY if we are able to re-rent the cottage for the entire length of the original booking to a qualified renter. There will also be a 5.0% charge on any rent, tax or deposit payments made on a credit card in the event of a cancellation.
What are the charges for returning items left in the cottage, returned check, etc?
  • $25 plus shipping cost to return items left in house.
  • $35 for returned checks.
  • $50 for stopping lost deposit check.
Are there any charges for using a credit card?
Blue Sky Rentals may charge an extra 5.0% of the credit card charge amount depending upon the type of credit card to cover our credit card charges.


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